ACEA unveils roadmap for sustainable EU Mobility, led by industry CEOs
Photo of Luca de Meo courtesy of ACEA

ACEA unveils roadmap for sustainable EU Mobility, led by industry CEOs

On the eve of the COP 28 climate conference and ahead of next year's EU elections, Luca de Meo, president of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) and CEO of Renault Group, has unveiled a manifesto and roadmap for a competitive and sustainable mobility ecosystem in Europe. This initiative, co-signed by CEOs of major European vehicle manufacturers, marks a significant step in the automotive industry's transformation.

"Our sector is undergoing the most significant change in over a century," said de Meo. "Decarbonisation is not just a goal but a necessity, and we are investing billions to achieve this, more than any other sector."

Recognising the scale of this transformation, ACEA has launched a manifesto for the next European Parliament and Commission. The roadmap is built on three pillars – supply, production, and demand – and calls for collaborative efforts between the auto industry and its partners.

De Meo highlighted the regulatory challenges facing the industry, with an average of eight or nine EU regulations impacting the sector annually until 2030. "Europe needs a holistic approach to address these challenges, encompassing the entire value chain, from automotive to energy and infrastructure. Our global competitors excel in this integrated approach, and Europe must not only match but also ensure fair competition in global markets," he said.

A central aspect of ACEA's roadmap is establishing Europe as a hub for manufacturing green and smart vehicles. "Collaboration with policymakers is crucial to create conditions for producing a diverse range of zero-emission models, including small, affordable electric vehicles profitable in Europe," de Meo said. "Addressing urban mobility challenges and incentivising demand through adequate schemes at all policy levels is vital."

In a significant move, ACEA’s Board of Directors re-elected de Meo for a second-year term as president. The position, elected annually by member company CEOs, reflects the industry's confidence in his leadership.

The manifesto emphasises the need for Europe to not only equip itself as well as other regions but also to ensure a level playing field in the global market. This approach is crucial for the future of sustainable mobility in the EU.