Afton Chemical launches latest diesel fuel detergent technology in North America

On April 21, Afton Chemical announced that its Greenclean™ 3 diesel detergent additive is now available in North America. Greenclean™ 3 is the latest development in diesel fuel detergent technology by the Richmond, Virginia company. The product is designed to improve the operation of modern heavy-duty fleets and off-road equipment featuring the latest engine technology and emission control devices.

Greenclean™ 3 helps prevent the build-up of traditional deposits and internal injector deposits and enhances filterability — to maximise equipment reliability and minimise downtime, says Afton. The company also claims fuel economy benefits of up to 5.1% — based on testing of a Class 8 North American-relevant Commercial Fleet in real-world conditions using a diesel fuel treated with Greenclean™ 3, compared to untreated diesel. “This new detergent system has been proven in the United States, under real-world conditions validating very robust fuel economy benefits,” said Tim Brennan, fuels technical services manager at Afton Chemical.

The media release also highlighted additive combinations designed to address additional performance needs including lubricity, cetane, and cold flow improvers. Greenclean™ 3 also reduces harmful carbon dioxide and NOx emissions from fleet operations, says Afton.

With the upcoming increase in stringency of emissions regulations in North America, today’s sophisticated diesel engines and the challenging operational environment, it is essential to maximise performance and optimise vehicle operation. Greenclean™ 3 is a follow up to Afton Chemical’s first-generation Greenclean™ platform, which is widely used in diesel fuel engines.