Afton Chemical launches unique low-foam emulsifier additive for metalworking fluids

Afton Chemical Corp., headquartered in Richmond, Va., U.S.A., has launched Polartech EA 700, a low foam emulsifier additive for metalworking fluids.

Polartech EA 700 is a unique, patent-pending emulsifier technology that delivers best-in-class low-foam performance in severe machining conditions, when compared to commonly used metalworking emulsifiers.

With exceptional emulsion stability even in extreme conditions and its ability to minimize separation, Polartech EA 700 helps extend the fluid life far beyond normal expectations, resulting in lower costs and higher productivity.

“The versatility of Polartech EA 700 in hard and soft water and its minimal soap and scum formation leads to outstanding clean machine performance,’ said Bill Harwood, Afton Chemical marketing manager. “Its wide base stock compatibility helps simplify our customer’s product lines and rationalize the number of emulsifiers they need, therefore reducing the complexity and cost for their business.”