Allied Oil acquisition expands RelaDyne reach in U.S. midwest
Photo courtesy of Allied Oil

Allied Oil acquisition expands RelaDyne reach in U.S. midwest

RelaDyne, the largest lubricant distributor in the United States based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has acquired Allied Oil, a lubricant distributor with a strong market presence in the U.S. midwest.

Established in 1958, Allied Oil is based in Omaha, Nebraska, and operates out of seven distribution centers spread across six states and services 11 states in the upper midwest. 

For more than 50 years, Allied Oil has built a strong business relationship with Shell and is recognized as Shell’s top distributor within the company’s market footprint. The company continues to diversify its product and service offerings.

“Allied Oil is thrilled to partner with RelaDyne,” said Steve Phillips, president of Allied Oil. “RelaDyne’s geographic impact in the commercial and industrial sectors fully align and complement our existing reach in these segments, aiding in the diversification of products and services offered to our existing and future customers. RelaDyne’s core principles fully align with our company values of offering exceptional industry knowledge, customer satisfaction, and quality products and services. Our more than 60 years of experience in lubricants, DEF solutions, and industrial reliability services will magnetize an already strong business model, but now provide a more comprehensive range of service segments to our loyal customers within our current territory and new geographic locations.”

Allied Oil offers RelaDyne a greater geographic market presence in the Midwest region, including the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

“The entire RelaDyne family is extremely thrilled to partner with Allied Oil,” said Larry Stoddard, president and CEO of RelaDyne. “Allied Oil provides unprecedented market knowledge, customer service, and a comprehensive offering of products and services. RelaDyne will continue this trajectory by combining Allied Oil and RelaDyne’s strategic vision to expand in the Midwest region. As a result, RelaDyne will expand Allied Oil’s reach to new customers, complement existing customers by providing new products and services, and rapidly accelerate this geographic expansion by offering unparalleled resources, connections, and technology for the benefit of the customer.” 

“The acquisition of Allied Oil is extremely impactful as we continue our strategic expansion in the heartland of America,” said David Schumacher, RelaDyne chief strategy and operating officer. “Allied Oil’s focus in the commercial and industrial segments combined with RelaDyne’s commercial sector and RelaDyne Reliability Services’ expertise are highly synergistic for our current and future customers. Even more important, the combination of Allied and RelaDyne brings together two great businesses with rich heritages and aligned cultures and values that will provide ongoing personal and professional growth opportunities for our valued associates and provide our customers with exceptional products and services, for unmatched customer satisfaction.”

Stephens served as the exclusive financial advisor to Allied Oil.