Americhem launches EcoLube™ line of PFAS-free lubricated compounds
Photo courtesy of Americhem Inc.

Americhem launches EcoLube™ line of PFAS-free lubricated compounds

Americhem Inc., a global leader in custom color masterbatch, functional additives, engineered compounds, and performance technologies, has introduced the EcoLube™ line of PFAS-free internally lubricated compounds. This innovative product line is designed to deliver advanced tribological and mechanical properties in moving plastic parts, addressing industry challenges related to PFAS regulations and promoting environmental responsibility.

Poly- or perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), including polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), have been widely used for their non-stick and lubricating properties but are now under regulatory scrutiny due to environmental and health concerns. Americhem’s EcoLube™ offers a sustainable alternative without compromising on performance.

“With global regulations increasingly restricting or banning PFAS and PTFE, converters and manufacturers are seeking alternatives that can match their self-lubricating performance,” said Matt Miklos, vice president and general manager of Americhem Engineered Compounds. “Our PFAS-free EcoLube™ line showcases Americhem’s commitment to innovation, addressing our customers’ needs while promoting environmental responsibility and product safety.”

Optimising performance without PFAS

The EcoLube™ pre-lubricated engineered compounds and alloys help reduce wear and friction in moving plastic parts, decrease noise during use, and lower the coefficient of friction for plastic-on-plastic and plastic-on-metal applications, all without PFAS components. These compounds are suitable for a variety of applications, including healthcare, industrial, transportation, and construction.

“Our EcoLube™ line combines Americhem’s specialty thermoplastics compounding expertise with our lubricant additive technology to offer advanced, eco-friendly solutions for products in markets like medical devices, industrial applications, and non-automotive vehicles,” added Miklos.

The EcoLube™ family of lubricants

EcoLube™ integrates specially designed functional additives directly into the material, providing long-lasting internal lubrication. The product line includes:

– Solid-state non-migrating lubricants: Withstand extreme pressures, reduce frictional wear, and prevent “slip-stick” behavior in nylon bearings.

– Multifunctional migrating boundary lubricants: Reduce the coefficient of friction and wear rate by providing immediate lubrication at start-up and high speeds.

– Non-traditional formulations: Offer shear reinforcement and abrasion resistance between moving mating parts.

– Low Friction non-migratory additives: Designed to replace PTFE in various applications and thermoplastics.