Ampol and Hyundai partner in Australia to deliver EV solutions
Photo courtesy of Ampol

Ampol and Hyundai partner in Australia to deliver EV solutions

Hyundai Motor and Ampol will collaborate to deliver integrated solutions to customers looking to operate fuel cell electric vehicles powered by hydrogen. The partnership will explore the development of hydrogen infrastructure and fleets, with the organisations to share knowledge and collaborate on opportunities for public funding of new hydrogen infrastructure.

“Partnerships and collaboration across industry will be critical to accelerate the energy transition. We know our customers have strong purchasing intentions for battery electric vehicles. This new partnership will help support uptake of BEVs among Australian consumers and businesses, while ensuring we can together address and capitalise on issues and opportunities as more of Australia’s vehicle fleet transitions,” said Ampol CEO and Managing Director Matthew Halliday.

“Hydrogen also presents the opportunity to deliver decarbonisation in our transport sector. Given Hyundai’s market-leading work in advancing fuel cell electric vehicle technologies, we are excited to partner together and bring our own knowledge and relationships to further explore opportunities for hydrogen across Australia’s economy.”

“At Hyundai in Australia and around the world, we talk about ‘Generation One’ – the first generation who will benefit from our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. In Hyundai’s case we will be carbon neutral globally by 2045 and in Australia we will be a technology leader as we bring a broad range of zero emission vehicles to market,” said Hyundai Motor Company Australia Chief Operating Officer John Kett.

“We see partnerships with advanced, highly capable companies like Ampol as critical to driving the uptake of zero emission vehicles in Australia – and importantly, the infrastructure that will power this transition.” 

As energy needs change, Ampol is transitioning to provide a range of fast and reliable charging solutions for BEV drivers. Ampol recently opened its first sites under the AmpCharge banner, the start of an initial roll out of 120 EV fast-charging sites at Ampol stores by the end of 2023.

This new infrastructure will be complemented by new at-destination charging solutions, a home charging offer, along with an offer for fleet customers connected with Ampol’s market-leading AmpolCard fuel card. Ampol is also exploring the use of hydrogen across key customer segment, working with customers across the Australian economy.