June 05, 2020

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AMSOIL introduces 100% synthetic ATV/UTV powertrain fluid
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Photo courtesy of AMSOIL

AMSOIL has introduced a 100% synthetic ATV/UTV power train fluid specifically designed for transmission/differentials and front drives in ATV/UTV applications. It protects heavily loaded, high-torque gears while also helping prevent clutch chatter. Even in extreme operating conditions, it fights harmful deposits for maximum component cleanliness and life.

AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid features a low pour point for fast, reliable lubricant flow and excellent cold-weather start-up protection. Synthetic ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid also offers riders confidence that their machines are protected even under extreme loads and weather conditions.

AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid is purpose-built and recommended by AMSOIL for use in Polaris® ATV/UTV transmission/differentials and front drives. It is a high-performance alternative to Polaris Demand Drive Fluid and Polaris AGL Synthetic Gearcase Lubricant and Transmission Fluid, providing enthusiasts the advantage of buying just one fluid instead of two.

AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid is available in the award-winning AMSOIL easy-pack to reduce mess, waste and hassle when performing tricky lubricant installations. It is Warranty Secure,™ keeping your factory warranty intact. 

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