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Amsoil starts new industrial lubricants business unit

Amsoil starts new industrial lubricants business unit
Photo courtesy of Amsoil

Amsoil, based in Superior, Wisconsin, U.S.A., has launched Amsoil Industrial, a new business unit dedicated to serving large business-to-business customers. The new Amsoil Industrial business unit is a natural progression of Amsoil’s 50 years’ experience developing sophisticated lubrication solutions for the most demanding applications.

Expanding the companyโ€™s industrial footprint is a natural progression, according to Dave Meyer, Amsoil VP, Industrial. โ€œOur experience designing lubrication solutions has helped us develop unmatched technical expertise that serves industrial customers well,โ€ said Meyer. โ€œOur products certainly play a strong role in our success with industrial OEMs and end-users, but our ability to solve problems is what they value most.โ€

Amsoil is not new to industrial business. For more than a decade, the company has delivered exceptional results for industrial customers in power generation, hydraulics, compressor applications and more. โ€œAmsoil is the factory-fill supplier for multiple industrial OEMs,โ€ Meyer said.

Amsoil Industrial will focus on customers in the following segments:

  • Power generation
  • General construction equipment manufacturers
  • Metal Stamping
  • Plastic injection molding

โ€œWe are a research-driven product-development company,โ€ said Amsoil President & CEO Alan Amatuzio. โ€œWe have always approached product development from a problem-solving standpoint, and we donโ€™t compromise on product quality. Those characteristics make Amsoil an ideal partner for industrial customers.โ€

In North America, Amsoil consumer products are sold through an independent dealer network. That is not changing. Amsoil Industrial, however, will serve B2B customers with a corporate sales team.

โ€œOur commitment to our independent dealers is unwavering,โ€ said Amatuzio. โ€œBut large B2B relationships require deeper corporate interaction and carry greater liability, demanding the attention of a dedicated corporate sales force.โ€