Two antioxidants pass AGQM’s no-harm test for biodiesel use
Image courtesy of AGQM

Two antioxidants pass AGQM’s no-harm test for biodiesel use

Germany’s Association Quality Management Biodiesel (AGQM) has successfully completed its 13th round of no-harm tests on oxidation stabilizers for biodiesel used in diesel fuel or heating oil.

AGQM, in cooperation with the mineral oil industry, has developed two demanding test procedures to ensure a safe addition of antioxidants to biodiesel. When using additives, special care must be taken to ensure that negative interactions with the fuel and its additives are excluded.

In the additive test procedure for biodiesel as blend component in diesel fuel, a B10 blend is used for the examinations. In the thirteenth round of these demanding no-harm tests, two additives have been included in the no-harm list: SR 1529 (Dorf Ketal B.V.) and AO 1202 (Rodanco BV).

For the examinations of antioxidants for biodiesel for use in heating oil, the tests are carried out in a B20 fuel. The additive SR 1529 (Dorf Ketal B.V.) also successfully passed this test.

A description of the no-harm tests, as well as the lists of all products that have passed the tests successfully, can be found on AGQM’s website. Information about the next test round for oxidation stabilisers can be requested under [email protected].