API launches advocacy campaign against higher ethanol mandate in U.S.

The American Petroleum Institute (API), based in Washington, D.C., has launched a new multifaceted Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) advocacy campaign that includes TV and online advertising.

The campaign will focus on how higher ethanol mandates can hurt consumers and threaten to reverse America’s energy renaissance which has made the United States the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world.

“The American consumer is seeking relief from the broken and outdated RFS mandate,” said API Downstream Group Director Frank Macchiarola. “This mandate and the high ethanol blends it will bring can result in damaged engines and fuel systems potentially forcing drivers to pay for costly repairs, according to extensive testing by the auto and oil and natural gas industries. This broken RFS mandate could also raise prices at the pump.”

A recent poll showed that 77% of registered voters are concerned about government requiring increased amounts of ethanol in gasoline and 73% agree that federal regulations could contribute to increased costs at the pump, according to the API.

The U.S. ethanol mandate aims to force consumers to use high ethanol blends they don’t want and don’t need, API said. The Congressional Budget Office found that forcing ethanol consumption to statutory levels, mainly by using higher ethanol blends like E85, could cost consumers an additional 26 U.S. cents per gallon at the pump, API pointed out.

“These new ads will help further inform voters about the potential dangers of the broken ethanol mandate, and increase calls on Congress to fix the RFS,” said Macchiarola.

API is the only national trade association in the United States representing all facets of the oil and natural gas industry. API’s membership includes more than 650 members from large integrated companies, as well as exploration and production, refining, marketing, pipeline and marine businesses,  as well as service and supply firms.

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