API to close provisional licensing for ROBO Test

API posts oils online displaying API engine oil certification marks without authorization

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is now posting oils displaying the API engine oil certification marks without authorization on its website.

The marketer and oil brand name, viscosities, and sales region for each unauthorized oil are posted along with a photo of each product label. These oils have not been approved by API as meeting any API engine oil standard. As such, these oils are not eligible to display the API engine oil certification marks.

API encourages consumers to remember that these oils are not authorized by API to display the API certification marks. Most engine manufacturers recommend oils that display one or both API engine oil marks. The API page linked above will be updated as additional oils are identified through APIโ€™s Aftermarket Audit Program (AMAP), a program that annually tests packaged and bulk engine oils purchased by API in the marketplace.

For consumers, API always recommends that they check their ownerโ€™s manual to be sure they are using the proper oil. The current standard for gasoline engine oils is API SN and it is backward compatible for most engines; this identification can be found on the back of most labels. If the API Donut has an older designation such as SM or SL, it is designated for older engines. API recommends that the consumer verify that the oil is licensed by checking the online EOLCS Directory of Licensees.

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