July 14, 2020

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API to discontinue licensing of “Energy Conserving” oils for API SL and SM
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Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company [<a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0">CC BY 3.0</a>], <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AFord_EcoBoost_1.0_L._Fox_003.jpg">via Wikimedia Commons</a>

The chairman of ASTM International’s Subcommittee D02.B0  has formally notified the American Petroleum Institute (API) that the Sequence VIB (ASTM D6837) test is no longer available, according to API’s Kevin Ferrick.

ASTM D6837 is the Standard Test Method for Measurement of Effects of Automotive Engine Oils on Fuel Economy of Passenger Cars and Light-Duty Trucks in Sequence VIB Spark Ignition Engine.

Oil marketers have been using the Sequence VIB to qualify API SL and API SM gasoline engine oils, as meeting the API “Energy Conserving” designation.

Based on the information submitted by Joseph Franklin from Intertek, API has notified licensees that no new API SL and API SM products will be licensed to use the “Energy Conserving” designation. All oils currently licensed to use the designation must cease its use in the API Donut by Dec. 31, 2016.

Licensed “Energy Conserving” oils would be permitted to sell out in the marketplace, as long as the products were packaged on or before Dec. 31, 2016.

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