Aramco signs sustainable fuels MoU with P1 Racing Fuels, WRC

Aramco signs sustainable fuels MoU with P1 Racing Fuels, WRC

Saudi Aramco has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with P1 Racing Fuels and WRC Promoter GmbH, the commercial rights owner of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), to collaborate on the formulation of advanced-generation biofuels and sustainable synthetic fuels derived from captured carbon dioxide (CO2) and low-carbon hydrogen. The sustainable fuels will be used in the World Rally Championship.

Saudi Aramco has been chosen as a technical partner for the World Rally Championship, which reconfirmed its commitment to 100% sustainable fuels by 2022. The partnership will also explore the use of low-carbon fuels to power auxiliary on-site generators. 

Important milestone

“This is an important milestone for the development of low-carbon fuels that support the drive for more sustainable mobility. Sustainable synthetic fuels can help contribute to a low-carbon energy future, and this partnership demonstrates Aramco’s circular carbon approach by testing low-carbon synthetic fuel in one of the most demanding conditions,” said Ahmad O. Al-Khowaiter, chief technology officer (CTO) of Saudi Aramco.

“P1 Racing Fuels has a long history of powering progress on the race track, but it doesn’t stop there. Developing sustainable fuels for motorsports brings us an important step closer to delivering similar products for everyday motorists – where fully renewable fuels could one day be available at the pump, and work with normal combustion engines with a fraction of the environmental impact,” said Martin Popilka, CEO of P1 Racing Fuels.

Jona Siebel, CEO of WRC Promoter GmbH, said: “The technology behind sustainable fuels is changing rapidly. Therefore, we are pleased to have access to Aramco’s outstanding technical development team in finding the best available solution. The chosen blend of advanced biofuel and innovative e-fuel components makes WRC a real leader in sustainable motorsports with everyday cars. The WRC is a tremendous platform to develop and validate this innovative fuel in mass-produced vehicles, on real roads and under all circumstances on almost every continent.  What we will learn by using this fuel on the WRC stages can ultimately benefit road users all over the world.”

“The FIA has worked tirelessly to turn the hybrid-based Rally1 project from concept to reality via a close cooperation with the competing manufacturers, whose input has been invaluable, and WRC Promoter. At the same time, the FIA technical department has defined the specification of the 100% sustainable fuel that will be mandatory from next year to further underline the FIA’s commitment to a more sustainable future with a 360-degree approach. Alongside the collaboration with P1 Racing Fuels, we look forward to welcoming the additional technical expertise that Aramco will bring to the WRC,” Yves Matton, FIA Rally Director, said.

Leveraging in-house technology expertise

Aramco will leverage in-house technology expertise to explore improving engine efficiencies at the World Rally Championship. Working closely with motorsport experts from P1 Racing Fuels, this collaboration will tap into Saudi Aramco’s network of scientists and engineers located in the company’s global research centers in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Paris, France, Shanghai, China, and Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Saudi Aramco has significant research and development (R&D) efforts focused on the development of low-carbon synthetic fuels with plans to pilot their production with partners in Europe and Saudi Arabia over the coming years.