Arcadia eFuels taps technology providers for 1st commercial plant

Arcadia eFuels taps technology providers for 1st commercial plant

Arcadia eFuels has selected Sasol and Topsoe as technology providers for its first commercial eFuels plant in Denmark. The plant will be located in Vordingborg and will produce approximately 100 million litres per year of eFuels.

Arcadia eFuels , a leading developer of eFuels, Sasol, a global chemicals and energy company, and Topsoe, a global leader in carbon emission reduction technologies, have signed a single license agreement for the Vordingborg eFuels plant. The signing of the agreement represents a major milestone in maturing the project and ahead of the next major milestone being Arcadia’s final investment decision.

The production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is not only important for the three companies. According to the International Aviation Transport Association (IATA), around 300 million litres of SAF was produced in 2022, compared to 450 billion litres per year needed for the airline sector to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Once operational, the plant will deliver eFuels for the Danish and European aviation markets to help meet the European Union mandate of 1.2% RFNBO (Renewable Fuels of non-Biological Origin) or eFuels in 2030.

“We’re pleased to conclude this license and engineering agreement with two best-in-class companies acting as a single point licensor. Their commercial experience in syngas, Fischer Tropsch and refining technology development and licensing combined with Arcadia’s novel engineering approach allows us speed to market. Meeting the needs of the aviation and heavy transportation industry’s decarbonization efforts is of high priority for Arcadia,” said Amy Hebert, CEO of Arcadia eFuels.

“We’re on a pathway to decarbonise aviation and other hard-to-abate sectors, and this project is a big step in the right direction. Arcadia has made great strides in a short time by reaching this milestone on their first project. This agreement emphasises our combined commitment to a sustainable future in aviation fuel production and supports Topsoe’s ambition to be a leader in low carbon solutions,” said Elena Scaltritti, CCO at Topsoe.

“This is a momentous occasion for us to offering the first G2LTM license, a technology which allows a pathway to accelerate the decarbonisation of our industry, specifically the aviation and heavy transport industries. It is a culmination of many years of development and cooperation between two world-class leading technology partners to be able to offer Arcadia and the market a combined Power-to-Liquid technology,” said Helge Sachs, SVP of Sasol ecoFT.