Arteco launches cutting-edge coolant manufacturing facility in Nantong, China
Photo courtesy of Arteco

Arteco launches cutting-edge coolant manufacturing facility in Nantong, China

Arteco nv, a global frontrunner in the water-based engine coolant and heat transfer fluid sector, headquartered in Belgium with a Shanghai affiliate, announced the launch of its latest coolant production facility in Nantong, China. Positioned in Jiangsu Province, a key chemical manufacturing district, the plant is set to start dispatching products by April 2024.

In a significant move to bolster its presence in the Chinese market, Arteco unveils this facility as a symbol of its dedication and forward-looking approach towards one of the world’s most vibrant and challenging markets.

“The inauguration of this plant marks a pivotal moment for Arteco, showcasing our deep commitment to the Chinese market, known for its automotive production and consumption prowess, as well as its innovative edge,” said Pat McCloud, chairman of Arteco’s Board of Directors.

Designed to produce not only engine coolants for conventional vehicles but also advanced heat transfer fluids for new energy vehicles (NEVs) such as electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the facility underscores Arteco’s adaptability to evolving automotive technologies. Additionally, it will serve the electronics cooling sector, including data centres, highlighting the plant’s diverse production capabilities.

“This strategic expansion aligns with Arteco’s global vision of serving international customers across various sectors, with a special focus on the burgeoning China market. Enhancing our local footprint is crucial for improving supply chain robustness, streamlining operations, and minimising global supply chain vulnerabilities,” said Alexandre Moireau, general manager of Arteco.

Arteco’s ambitious growth strategy is set to strengthen its market position and reinforce its role as a dependable industry partner. The establishment of the Nantong plant represents a significant leap in Arteco’s mission to deliver innovative, high-quality cooling solutions.

“Since establishing our Chinese affiliate in 2010, we’ve seen remarkable growth and customer loyalty. This new phase enables us to manufacture directly from raw materials, bypassing the need for imported additives, and cater to the automotive, industrial, and electronics cooling markets more efficiently,” said Zuoling Zhang, general manager of Shanghai Arteco Coolants Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

With this strategic addition, Arteco is poised to meet the increasing demand from its regional customers, reinforcing its vision as a leading provider of heat transfer solutions and supporting its future growth trajectory.