Arteco launches heat transfer fluids for electronics and data center
Photo courtesy of Arteco

Arteco launches heat transfer fluids for electronics and data center

Arteco has launched the ‘Zitrec® EC’ range of heat transfer fluids designed for electronics and data center cooling. 

Effective cooling is an essential aspect to consider when it comes to computing systems and electronic applications. Because of the progress and evolution in computing  components, their increased power output results in higher heat generation, leading to  diminished performance and even hardware malfunctions.

The new Zitrec® EC range of direct-to-chip coolants ensures optimal performance  and maximum efficiency, enabling the components to operate at higher speeds without the risk of overheating. Its advanced  features offer long-lasting corrosion protection and cooling capabilities that promote  longer equipment lifespan and reduced downtime, according to Arteco.

The Zitrec® EC range simplifies electronic hardware maintenance and can lower the  overall cost and complexity of the system. Its advanced features and capabilities make it  a top-of-the-line coolant solution, delivering superior performance, reliability, and  efficiency, Arteco said.

“With our vision to cool the systems of our ever-warming planet, we have been a leading  provider of coolant technologies for over 25 years. R&D being one of the company’s key  pillars, it has been bringing advanced coolant solutions that aim to tackle challenges of  ever-evolving technological landscape,” said Alexandre Moireau, general manager of Arteco.

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