October 01, 2020

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ASTM Subcommittee D02.B dissolves Section 6 due to lack of leadership
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ASTM Subcommittee D02.B on lubricants has decided to dissolve Section 6, two-stroke cycle gasoline, due to lack of leadership for the last two years, during the D02 meeting last week.

“We basically determined there is not sufficient interest in continuing activity in section 6,” said Joe Franklin, chairman of the subcommittee, who is with Intertek Automotive Research. “Three test methods in support of API TC specifications are no longer available due to the unavailability or reference oils and parts.”

Jurisdiction of a still active test method, ASTM D4682 (Standard Specification for Miscibility with Gasoline and Fluidity of Two-Stroke-Cycle Gasoline Engine Lubricants) has been transferred to Section 7, Development and Surveillance of Bench Tests Methods.

The motion to withdraw three test methods – ASTM D4857 (Standard Test Method for Determination of the Ability of Lubricants to Minimize Ring Sticking and Piston Deposits in Two-Stroke-Cycle Gasoline Engines Other Than Outboard), ASTM D4858 (Standard Test Method for Determination of the Tendency of Lubricants to Promote Preignition in Two-Stroke-Cycle Gasoline Engines) and ASTM D4863 (Standard Test Method for Determination of Lubricity of Two-Stroke-Cycle Gasoline Engine Lubricants) was approved during the June 28 meeting of the subcommittee in Boston, Mass., U.S.A.

API TC, which is the only remaining active API two-stroke engine oil specification, but currently have no licensees, are designed for various high-performance engines, typically between 200 and 500 cc, such as those on motorcycles and snowmobiles, and chainsaws with high fuel-oil ratios – but not outboards. Two-cycle engine oils designed for API Classification TC address ring-sticking, pre-ignition and cylinder scuffing problems.

Other API categories, including API TA, API TB and API TD have been declared obsolete many years ago, according to API’s Dennis Bachelder.

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