ATIEL issues guidance on making combined ACEA category performance claims

ATIEL issues guidance on making combined ACEA category performance claims

ATIEL, the technical association of the European lubricants industry, has announced new guidance for engine lubricant marketers on making valid performance claims against more than one category within the ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) 2012 European Oil Sequences.

Combined ACEA category claims on the same lubricant formulation are only possible where the associated chemical limits and physical testing limits of each category can be met, according to new guidelines developed by ATIEL.

The guidelines on combined claims was developed in response to findings of a recent ATIEL quality survey that revealed a number of products on the market bearing incompatible or incomplete claims.

ATIEL pointed out that some combinations are either technically impossible due to conflicting requirements of two or more categories or highly unlikely because of demanding combined requirements.

The ATIEL combined claims guidance, including a matrix table that clearly identifies the possible, impossible or highly unlikely claims, has been added to the Industry Information section of the ATIEL website.

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