December 03, 2020

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ATIEL welcomes third Russian base oil producer as member

ATIEL welcomes third Russian base oil producer as member
Photo courtesy of Tatneft.

PJSC Tatneft, one of Russia’s largest oil companies, has joined ATIEL, which acts as a European focal point for technical issues relating to the performance and environmental demands of engine oils. Its objective is to ensure that lubricant development is aligned to the requirements of European engine technology.

Tatneft, a vertically integrated holding company, with oil and gas production, refining, petrochemicals, a tire complex and a network of filling stations, applied for membership in May 2017. Tatneft was approved to become the 23rd member of ATIEL on December 12, 2017 during the ATIEL General Assembly which was held in Brussels, Belgium.

JSC Taneco, a business unit of Tatneft, is a base oil producer. Taneco produces iso-paraffinic base oils TATNEFT HVI-2 and TATNEFT VHVI-4, at the Taneco Complex in Nizhnekamsk. Another business unit, OOO Tatneft-AZS Center, is a lubricant manufacturer and marketer.

The company is the third Russian oil company to become members of ATIEL, the other two being PJSC LUKOIL and PJSC Gazprom Neft.

ATIEL members include many international companies, which helps to promote ACEA sequences beyond European markets. Through an active involvement in the CEC, ATIEL also plays a role in the setting of engine and bench test standards, ensuring that lubricant specifications are relevant to real-life applications.

Tatneft’s membership in ATIEL will allow the Russian base oil producer to participate in the ATIEL base oil interchangeability program. In addition, Tatneft said its membership in the organization will provide greater awareness within the company of the latest lubricant trends, including OEM requirements, by participating in the work of the association and active participation in ATIEL’s quarterly meetings.

ATIEL, which was founded in 1985, is registered in Brussels, as a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) and is a non-commercial, non-profit, non-political organization. The main tasks of ATIEL are the improvement and creation of new quality standards for lubricants, promotion of these new standards in the world market, solution of issues related to environmental requirements, as well as the exchange of experience, knowledge and looking for the ways to more intensive cooperation with European automotive organizations.

ATIEL has developed a set of recommendations and rules widely used in the industry for the production of the highest quality lubricants that would meet the requirements of automobile associations and car manufacturers.

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