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ATS Euromaster to offer Techron fuel system cleaning products

Chevron Lubricants and ATS Euromaster, one of the leading retailers of tyres in the United Kingdom, with a network of more than 340 service centres, have announced a partnership to offer Techron fuel system cleaning products to support fleet and private drivers across the UK.

The Techron range of fuel system cleaners works by dissolving deposits that form in the engine caused by variations in fuel quality, new types of fuel and even changes in motorists’ driving patterns, back into the fuel, which allows them to be burnt in the combustion chamber and ejected harmlessly with the exhaust gases.

“We are proud to be working with Techron, to provide customers with a new offering that perfectly complements ATS Euromaster’s existing service, maintenance and repair portfolio,” said Peter Tye, group operations director – retail at ATS Euromaster.

James Welchman, European marketing manager, Chevron Lubricants added: “We believe that Techron is an important addition to the service schedule, for both private and business users, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that the benefits of using Techron are clear. Having the support of a leading brand such as ATS Euromaster for the distribution of Techron across the UK means we can reach more motorists than ever before, allowing them to see the advantages for themselves.”