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Avantherm launches fossil-free heat transfer fluids

Avantherm launches fossil-free heat transfer fluids

Avantherm, located near Stockholm, Sweden, announced the release of its products to the global market. According to Avantherm CEO Stefan Dufva, the company’s products are entirely based on renewable raw materials, providing an opportunity to replace fossil oils and chemicals. In addition, they are free of toxins and are biodegradable. The Swedish government has proclaimed its goal to be the first fossil-free welfare state in the world.

Avantherm’s first line of products are heat transfer fluids, among them a coolant to replace glycol. Soon transformer oil and release fluids will be launched, and development is progressing with several more products. Avantherm also offers HVO100 to the Swedish market, a renewable diesel that can be used directly in regular diesel engines.

The raw materials used in the products are supplied by Neste, the world´s leading producer of renewable oils based on the company´s proprietary NEXBTL technology, and the German company Hartelmann Carless, a leading global provider of high-quality hydrocarbon specialty products.

Avantherm’s products have been tested in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the Saybolt Laboratory in Gothenburg and with research partners all over Europe.

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