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AXEL introduces biodegradable heavy-duty grease

AXEL introduces biodegradable heavy-duty grease
Photo courtesy of AXEL.

The combination of high loads, excessive vibration and the increased potential for contamination from corrosive salt water make the range of applications within the marine and offshore markets some of the most demanding for a lubricant. Furthermore, with an increasing emphasis on the need to minimize the environmental impact of all marine-based activity, including lubrication, the need for dedicated formulations to be compliant with relevant legislation around the globe also becomes a factor in the process of selecting the right grease.

For this reason, Axel Christiernsson, has launched a new biodegradable heavy-duty grease, ALASSCA 762 BD, that is compliant with both VGP Legislation and the Swedish Standard 155470.  Axel, based in Nol, Sweden, is the largest grease producer in Europe.

ALASSCA 762 BD is an NLGI 2 grade grease, based on specially selected biodegradable esters, complements its existing range of Alassca complex greases developed for applications where environmental considerations are of high importance. The content of a proprietary blend of non-metallic solids ensures this product is particularly well suited for jacking operations and similar applications.

As with its mineral oil counterparts, the Alassca complex functional soap provides excellent load carrying capability and resistance to shock loads, while the combination of superb mechanical stability, good corrosion protection and excellent water resistance ensures that the grease remains in place to prevent mechanical seizure and costly downtime.

ALASSCA 762 BD is a modern high performance product suitable for mining, heavy industry and marine applications.

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