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BASF and Lumar to collaborate in marketing specialty amines in Europe

BASF and Lumar will collaborate in the marketing of specialty amines for cooling lubricants and metalworking fluids in Europe. These products are used in various types of metal processing applications in the industrial sector.

Lumar will initially market BASF’s specialty chemicals for France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Portugal on an exclusive basis.

BASF’s Intermediates Division offers a portfolio of specialty amines for manufacturing cooling lubricants, which play an important role for drilling, turning and milling metals, glass and ceramics. They help to reduce friction as well as wear of tools, while ensuring the necessary cooling. Moreover, they rinse off shavings and other fragments from the workpiece. Amines help to protect against corrosion and offer additional properties that improve the performance of lubricants.

Lumar was established in Barcelona, Spain in the early 1990s to distribute lubricant additives and corrosion inhibitors in Spain and Portugal, primarily in the industrial lubricant market. A privately owned company, Lumar has market presence in France, Belgium and the Netherlands through Lumar France, in Spain and Portugal through Lumar Quimica, and in Italy through Lumar Italia.

“The partnership fits very well into our specialty amines sales & distribution strategy. Lumar is a customer-focused company with a long history in distribution of chemical products. Lumar offers a broad know-how and a wide experience through its technically experienced sales force in the area of metalworking fluids,” said Oliver Cullmann, vice president, Business Management Specialty Amines, of BASF’s Intermediates Division.

“The broad portfolio of the BASF specialty amines with their excellent properties for metalworking fluids supplements to a great extent our various range of base fluids (e.g. esters, polyalkylene glycols, polyalphaolefins, etc.) and specialty chemicals (e.g. antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, thickeners, emulsifiers, anti-wear additives, etc.) for the formulation of lubricants, detergents and industrial fluids,” said Bruno Saillant and Lluis Ribera, Lumar directors.