BASF to expand integrated ethylene oxide and derivatives complex in Antwerp
Photo courtesy of BASF

BASF to expand integrated ethylene oxide and derivatives complex in Antwerp

BASF will expand the capacity of ethylene oxide and ethylene oxide derivatives at its Verbund site in Antwerp, Belgium. The total investment adds about 400,000 metric tons per year to BASFโ€™s production capacity for the corresponding products with an expected investment amount exceeding EUR500 million (USD545 million).

โ€œThis significant capacity expansion will enable BASF to support the continuous growth of customers in Europe,โ€ says Hartwig Michels, president of Petrochemicals, BASF. The sequential start-up is expected to begin in 2022. The expansion comprises investment in a second world-scale ethylene oxide line, including capacity for purified ethylene oxide.

Additional investments in several ethylene oxide derivatives plants are part of the project and will be pursued in line with the ethylene oxide expansion. These derivatives include non-ionic surfactants, glycol ethers for automotive applications, and various other downstream alkoxylates.

โ€œThis expansion will benefit our customers by significantly enhancing the supply of our industry-leading portfolio of alkoxylates,โ€ says Ralph Schweens, president of Care Chemicals, BASF. โ€œThe increase of our methyl triglycol capacity enables us to support the growing demand for high-performance brake fluids in Europe and Asia. The increasing number of automated cars, relying on systems such as cruise and distance control, requires brake fluids that perform well โ€“ even under tough conditions,โ€ says Anup Kothari, president, Performance Chemicals, BASF.

In Europe, BASF currently operates ethylene oxide plants in Antwerp and Ludwigshafen with a combined capacity of 845,000 metric tons per year. The company is the largest producer of ethylene oxide derivatives in the region. Major ethylene oxide derivatives are non-ionic surfactants, ethanolamines, glycol ethers, polyether polyols and other specialty products used in a wide range of industries such as home and personal care, industrial applications and the automotive industry.