BASF expands global alkyl polyglucosides production capacity
Photo courtesy of BASF

BASF expands global alkyl polyglucosides production capacity

BASF will expand its global alkyl polyglucosides (APG®s) production capacity with two expansions at its sites in  Bangpakong, Thailand, and Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. By expanding in two regions in parallel, BASF, the global market leader for APGs, can strengthen its position and  serve customers even faster and more flexible from the regional supply points, while  at the same time reducing cross-regional volume flows. The additional capacities  are expected to come on stream in 2025.

APGs are bio-based and readily biodegradable, mild secondary surfactants, derived  from 100% natural and renewable feedstocks. Besides their sustainable and  superior performance profile, the non-ionic nature of APGs makes the formulation  with other surfactants versatile. APGs are widely used in different applications within  personal care, home care, industrial and institutional cleaning, industrial formulations  and agriculture markets. 

BASF currently produces APGs in Duesseldorf, Germany, Cincinnati, and  Jinshan, China. The investment to expand regional production capacities in Asia  and North America is triggered by a growing global demand and complements the  existing facilities.  

“With this investment, we will solidify our position as a leading supplier of APGs in  all relevant industries,” said Mary Kurian, president, Care Chemicals. “Both our  customers and consumers around the world are aware of the importance of  sustainable formulations. This expansion will enable the future of bio-based  and biodegradable surfactants worldwide by offering diverse applications for  personal care and home care, as well as industrial and institutional cleaning and  industrial formulations.”

“As the sole producer of APGs in North America, this expansion demonstrates our  unwavering commitment to deliver innovative bio-based and biodegradable  surfactants to our customers”, said Marcelo Lu, senior vice president, Care  Chemicals, North America. “With this additional capacity we stand ready to help  customers reformulate and meet the increasing consumer and regulatory demand  for more sustainable solutions across the Care Chemicals portfolio.”  

“The Bangpakong site in Thailand is an important production hub for BASF in Asia already. This new APG line, together with our existing APG plant in Jinshan, China,  will enable short delivery times and business continuity for our customers to support  the growth and the increasing consumer demand for bio-based surfactants across  the continent”, said Agus Ciputra, senior vice president, Care Chemicals, Asia  Pacific.