BASF launches new Glysantin battery coolant in China
Photo courtesy of BASF

BASF launches new Glysantin battery coolant in China

BASF’s Glysantin® (固力顺® – pronounced Gulishun) has launched its newly-developed battery coolant, specifically developed for indirectly cooled systems and for higher reliability and safety, into the Chinese automotive aftermarket.

Marketed under the name 固力顺® G22 E+™ the ready-to-use coolant, in addition to well-known protection, offers low electrical conductivity and maintains low and stable currents when exposed to a voltage source. 

With its unique chemical properties, the new coolant enables a low fluid decomposition and low generation of hydrogen, making it a safety optimized product, while ensuring optimal corrosion protection.

“China has by far the biggest electric vehicle market in the world. Evolving mobility solutions and powertrain technologies lead to additional requirements for coolant technologies,” says Dr. Zheng Daqing, BASF’s senior vice president, Business and Market Development Greater China. “BASF is committed to leveraging its deep industry expertise to support the electrification of the automotive industry. With the new 固力顺® G22 E+™ we are now making the latest battery coolant technology available to Chinese motorists.”

Glysantin® was patented by German chemical company BASF in 1929 and is the world’s first engine coolant. For decades, BASF has been delivering industry expertise and innovations to provide high-performance cooling solutions that meet the evolving automotive industry challenges. With the latest product innovation, the company now specifically targets battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to deliver on the critical cooling requirements in safety, performance and lifetime of this powertrain technology.