July 07, 2020

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BASF to boost production of specialty amines
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Das Herz der BASF-Gruppe ist die BASF SE mit ihrem Stammwerk in Ludwigshafen am Rhein. Mit über 160 chemischen Produktionsbetrieben, vielen hundert Labors, Technika, Werkstätten und Büros ist es der größte zusammenhängende Industriekomplex Europas. Abdruck honorarfrei. Copyright by BASF.The heart of the BASF Group is BASF SE headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany. With its over 160 chemical production plants, several hundred laboratories, technical centers, workshops and offices, it is the largest integrated industrial complex in Europe. Print free of charge. Copyright by BASF.

BASF is investing a double-digit million Euro expansion of about 20 specialty amines at its Verbund facility in Ludwisghafen, Germany. The expanded production facilities will go online gradually by early 2017.

“This investment will allow us to meet the growing demand that our European customers have for specialty amines,” said Stefan Blank, president of BASF Intermediates division. BASF uses specialty amines in the production of coatings, lubricants, crop protection products and pharmaceuticals.

In March and April 2014, BASF announced the construction of two new multiple product plants that will manufacture specialty amines, with start-up planned for 2015. These plants are at the BASF Verbund sites in Ludwigshafen and Nanjing, China.

BASF is headquartered in Ludgwigshafen, Germany, and produces about 200 different amines, with the world’s most diverse portfolio of this type of chemical intermediate.

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