BASF to distribute Innospec's corrosion inhibitor for ethanol
Photo courtesy of BASF

BASF to distribute Innospec’s corrosion inhibitor for ethanol

BASF Enzymes LLC has entered into a distribution agreement with Innospec Fuel Specialities LLC to distribute DCI-11 Plus ClearTrak™ – a concentrated corrosion inhibitor – to ethanol plants located within the United States.  

Innospec manufactures and supplies a wide range of specialty chemicals to markets  in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. The Fuel Specialties business  specializes in manufacturing and supplying fuel additives that improve fuel efficiency, boost engine  performance, and reduce harmful emissions.

BASF Enzymes LLC, which is part of German chemical company BASF, creates high-performance industrial enzymes uniquely suited for grain processing and ethanol production.

“We are excited to partner with Innospec and to add an industry leading technology  to our enzyme and chemistry portfolio. This partnership allows BASF to broaden our  portfolio and offer DCI-11 Plus ClearTrak™ along with our industry leading Sales  and Technical Support,” said Jeffrey Carver, sales manager, BASF Enzymes LLC.  

DCI-11 Plus ClearTrak™ is an enhanced amine buffer formulated to prevent metal  corrosion and maintain ethanol pHe within specification requirements. As a multipurpose additive, it is for use in fuel ethanol and fuel oxygenate blends. It is specially  formulated for improved pHe-control, excellent low temperature handling and  contains a colorless marker for easy treat rate verification.  

“We are extremely  pleased to combine our 80 years’ experience treating corrosion with BASF’s ethanol plant expertise. We believe our ClearTrak™ colorless marker technology will  transform the ethanol corrosion inhibitor market with consistent corrosion and buffer  performance coupled with effortless field additive concentration monitoring,” said Vali Jerome, vice president of Global Business Operations, Innospec.