Bill Studzinski takes helm as TOP TIER™ program manager at CQA
Photo courtesy of CQA

Bill Studzinski takes helm as TOP TIER™ program manager at CQA

The Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) recently marked the retirement of Jo Lynne Parsons, who has steered the TOP TIER™ Fuel Licensing Program since 2015. Parsons’ dedication has been pivotal to the program’s achievements, noted Rebecca Cox, president of CQA.

Stepping into the role is William (Bill) Studzinski, former General Motors Fuels Group manager. With a rich 35-year history in fuel, additives, combustion, and emissions, Studzinski is primed to lead the program. 

Cox expressed her enthusiasm about Studzinski’s appointment, highlighting his deep understanding of fuel and engine technology from his tenure at General Motors. “Bill’s expertise will undoubtedly fortify the program’s standing,” she said.

The TOP TIER™ initiative, backed by major automotive and heavy-duty equipment manufacturers, champions fuel enhancements that cater to the evolving needs of modern engine technologies. Its primary aim is to offer consumers fuels that ensure cleaner engine operations, reduced emissions, and peak fuel efficiency.

Studzinski shared his eagerness about his new role, emphasising his commitment to uphold the program’s standards while infusing new insights. “I’m keen on furthering the TOP TIER™ Fuel Program’s mission,” he said. CQA’s licensing initiatives guarantee that consumers globally have easy access to OEM-approved vehicle fuels.