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Biomax to build 250 Shell-branded service stations in Colombia

Biomax to build 250 Shell-branded service stations in Colombia
Photo courtesy of Shell

Shell is back in Colombia’s fuel retail market through Biomax SA, a wholesale distributor of petroleum derivatives that has the brand license for the distribution of its fuel in Colombia. During the next few days, the operation of the first three Shell-branded service stations will begin, which will be located in the capital city of Bogotá, Shell Colombia announced on January 17.

By March 2022, Biomax SA expects to invest a significant figure to expand its network of stations to 25 in the national territory under the Shell brand, with a long-term plan to establish 250 in the country.

“We are focused on providing Colombians with a unique experience through a differentiated value proposition, based on high service standards and better efficiencies, with a world-class fuel such as Shell V-Power, the highest performance premium gasoline, which is designed to protect the engine against wear and corrosion and, in addition, eliminates existing dirt in its vital parts”, said Andrés Escobar, Shell Colombia Licensing Manager, Biomax SA.

“The presence of the Shell brand in service stations is very important for our strategy in Colombia,” said Ana Duque, president of the Shell companies in Colombia. “It allows us to continue consolidating our portfolio of energy solutions, just as it brings us closer to all Colombians.”

Shell has been present in Colombia for 85 years. Its operations in Colombia are concentrated in three businesses: Exploration and Production, Global Commercial and Trading & Supply.

In Exploration and Production, Shell Colombia has a presence through three offshore blocks in the Colombian Caribbean. 

In the Marketing business, Shell’s focus is on supplying the Colombian market with a variety of lubricants for different sectors. It entered the lubricants business in Colombia in 1975. In 2014 Shell launched the “Pure Plus” technology for lubricants in Colombia. 

The Trading & Supply business is responsible for buying and exporting oil from small producers in the country. Shell also imports products for refineries in Colombia. It has a storage tank in Puerto Bahía for the import and export of products.

Shell is the world’s largest fuel supplier. Currently, it has a presence in 80 countries with 46,000 service stations, and approximately 30 million daily customers.