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BMW Brilliance starts construction of its largest automobile plant in China

BMW Brilliance starts construction of its largest automobile plant in China
Photo courtesy of BMW Brilliance

With the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 in both China and abroad, the battle against the pandemic has entered a challenging period. BMW Brilliance introduced multiple measures to ensure its employee’ health and safety before resuming work and production, and had its 3 millionth car rolling off the production line in just the second week after it resumed production. Meanwhile, the construction of the key project Tiexi New Plant is also moving forward as scheduled.

On 1 April, BMW Brilliance celebrated the start of the construction of its Tiexi New Plant, a milestone event that signals BMW Brilliance’s further deepening of its localized development strategy, which will lay a solid foundation for richer product lines and the series production in 2022.

The Tiexi New Plant will be highly digital and sustainable, covering an overall area of up to 2.9 square kilometers. Sporting a brand-new Press Shop, Body Shop, Paint Shop, Assembly Shop and external infrastructure, it also reserves spaces for anticipatory production expansion and other function design in the future. Together with the existing Plant Tiexi, Plant Dadong, Powertrain Plant and the R&D center, Tiexi New Plant will deliver to Shenyang production center richer product lines and a significant increase in capacity, so as to respond with flexibility to changes in market demand.

“Starting construction of our new Tiexi plant is concrete proof that even in these challenging times, BMW Brilliance is fully committed to China and our investment projects in Shenyang,” said Johann Wieland, president & CEO, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. “We remain very confident in the long-term outlook of China’s economy and are ready to take the next steps on our high-quality development path.”

“From planning to construction, and then to series production, BMW has deeply rooted its thinking of digitalization and sustainability. There is no doubt that Tiexi New Plant will continue to echo those core beliefs, moreover, it will become one of the most digital effective automotive plants worldwide and another lighthouse for sustainability. Booming with brand-new facilities for all technologies and external infrastructure, Tiexi New Plant will further expand our production system in Shenyang. We will certainly be well prepared for series production in 2022,” said Franz Decker, BMW Brilliance senior vice president of Technology & Manufacturing.

Tiexi New Plant is the largest structure project ever undertaken by BMW Brilliance, and its smooth implementation can not be achieved without the support of governments at all levels, as well as close cooperation between the government, the BMW Group and all departments of BMW Brilliance.

“Fully pushing forward the construction of major projects is an inevitable requirement for Tiexi to maintain stable and healthy development and accelerate the comprehensive revitalization of the old industrial center. The smooth start of BMW Brilliance’s Tiexi New Plant is of great strategic significance to promote the optimization and upgrading of Tiexi’s industrial structure, improve the overall competitiveness of Shenyang, and fully accelerate the overall revitalization of Shenyang,” said Guo Zhongxiao, director of Tiexi District & SEDA & CGEP.

Tiexi New Plant is adjacent to Hun River and has incorporated factors such as environmental and resource conservation into the overall planning since the start of land preparation. The BMW Brilliance construction team and the district government have worked together to develop a comprehensive environmental governance plan, committed to further improving the overall natural environment of Hun River.

BMW Brilliance Shenyang production center is a model of the linkage between “Industry 4.0” in Germany and intelligent manufacturing in China, and has given a strong boost to the development of the local economy and automobile industrial chain.

The Tiexi New Plant project is another important initiative for implementing BMW Brilliance’s “In China, For China” strategy.