BRB International and Tiarco Chemical announce strategic partnership in lubricant additives

BRB International B.V. and Tiarco Chemical announced a commercial and technical partnership between two global grease and lubricant additive suppliers. The collaboration will allow both companies to utilize their core technical and operational strengths to better provide the next generation products and value-added cost effective solutions to the grease and lubricant market. This synergistic partnership will also create the possibility of vertical integration on key raw materials designed to provide high performance solutions.

“This partnership accelerates our ability to bring value in the form of new technology to the gear oil and motor oil market. We look forward to meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers,” said Jim Hunt, global sales manager of Tiarco Chemical, which is based in Dalton, Ga., U.S.A.

The partnership is strategic, with BRB International, which is based in Ittervoort, The Netherlands, bringing lubricant industry expertise and Tiarco Chemical unlocking a large territory and valuable customer base. With BRB’s support, Tiarco will deliver specialized additive packages in North America and Latin America, adding BRB’s product line of lube oil components and packages.