BRB launches Petrolad® 750 for automotive transmission fluids
Photo courtesy of BRB

BRB launches Petrolad® 750 for automotive transmission fluids

BRB Lube oil Additives & Chemicals has launched a new additive package, Petrolad® 750, for the global market, designed for automotive transmission and power steering fluids. This innovative product aims to provide a favorable net treat cost (NTC) while exceeding performance-level expectations for various specifications and applications.

Petrolad® 750 is formulated to meet the evolving needs of the automotive transmission market and the growing demand for cost-effective, reliable solutions. Leveraging decades of experience in automatic transmission fluid (ATF) formulation, the company said its new additive package delivers superior performance at lower dosages compared to competing solutions. This allows flexible blenders to achieve significant cost savings while ensuring consistent shift quality and trouble-free transmission performance across multiple applications.

Roger Dohmen, vice president of BRB Lube oil Additives & Chemicals, commented on the launch: “BRB Lube oil Additives & Chemicals provides additive packages defined by greater quality and performance, raising the bar for power and efficiency expectations. This launch supports our aim of delivering value-added products to our customers while also facilitating new additive formulation business opportunities.”

Petrolad® 750 is the latest addition to the Petrolad® brand family, which is known for enhancing the performance, efficiency, and endurance of gear and engine lubricant systems. The new additive package is designed to boost the operational efficiency and longevity of automotive fluids, contributing to more cost-effective and reliable vehicle maintenance.

About BRB Lube oil Additives and Chemicals

As an independent subsidiary of PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad, BRB has a global presence and access to extensive innovation resources. BRB Lube oil Additives and Chemicals specialises in additive technology for the transportation industry, offering high-performance products for automotive, off-road, and industrial applications. The company’s product range includes non-homologated additives such as viscosity modifiers, driveline and engine oil packages, sulphonates, and fuel additives. Non-homologated additives have not received formal certification from official regulatory bodies. This means they have not been tested or approved to comply with certain predefined standards or regulations.