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Bureau Veritas launches lube oil analysis management system in Dubai lab

Bureau Veritas, a leader in providing testing, inspection and certification services, has launched an exclusive Lube Oil Analysis Management System (LOAMS) software at its Dubai Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) laboratory.

The LOAMS software provides online tools that bring clarity and meaning to complex laboratory results, maintenance recommendations that improve production and save money, and programmes and support that foster collaborative customer partnerships.

The continuing global expansion of the OCM programme within the Bureau Veritas network has now provided the Dubai laboratory with access to the LOAMS software, whereby clients will have access to one application that brings equipment testing and analysis data together from locations around the world.

“The launch of the LOAMS platform confirms our commitment to support client needs for lubricant and oil analysis services,” said Rupert Crasto, sales and marketing manager for Bureau Veritas Oil & Petrochemicals in the Middle East.

Used oil analysis identifies trends in wear and contamination and monitors changes in the physical properties of lubricants and hydraulic oils. Laboratory data analysts can then pinpoint equipment problems.

Bureau Veritas has been providing lubricant and oil analytical services in the Middle East for more than five years, assisting maintenance managers in the industrial, heavy-duty equipment and aviation markets to predict failures and prevent catastrophic maintenance events.

Bureau Veritas is now looking to leverage this experience and increase the level of support so that clients can make timely, informed decisions that can improve machine reliability, reduce maintenance and repair costs and significantly extend equipment life.