June 07, 2020

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Association Chinese of Brazil: China-Brazil Collaboration – An Extension of OBOR to the South America Continent

SAO PAULO, Brazil–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brasilia-Sino-US Trade War hits both continents, and it is time for China to strengthen relations with friends in other continents. Trade between PRC and Brazil are steady over the decade, and in fact, PRC is already an important trade partner to Brazil. To secure the interests of both countries, perhaps it is now the perfect timing for the two nations to build up a trade alliance together in the long run.

PRC and Brazil, are respective the largest country, in their continent. Both countries share similar characteristics. Both countries are in the stage of multi-population, that mean a wealth pool of labour and human capital. The sizable population creates demand for consumer products market. For instance, Brazil is one of the largest exporters of agricultural and poultry products; whereas PRC is one of the largest consumer market of such products. This has established a ready demand and supply. Chinese and Brazilians are both happy to extend their cooperation in the food market.

Both PRC and Brazil are members to the BRICS nations pledge unity. The two emerging giants are in the course of repositioning. Partnership within the two countries may accelerate the economic development and growth for both and hence a win-win situation is expected.

China’s OBOR eyes for investment opportunities. Geographical distance is no longer a hurdle to the OBOR, and the circle of OBOR friends are not labelled in accordance with their origins of continent. Brazil’s energy and infrastructure sectors are potential sectors which attract Chinese’s investments. As a host country, Brazil may welcome China’s FDI no matter US’ next presidency. In fact, the relationships between Brazil and US fluctuated and become uncertain over the recent years.

Brazil as OBOR’s new participant

China’s OBOR appeared to be a sound and practical idea for developed and emerging counties along the OBOR. Infrastructure are built, funds are invested, which means opportunities to OBOR participants. The host countries benefit from the infrastructures and networks, business opportunities follow the completion of infrastructure. Try to imagine high speed railway cut across the Amazon forest and bring along tonnes of development opportunities to Brazil. More jobs, wealth and hope are expected to land on Brazil after the startup of infrastructures.

To the Brazilian’s perspective, they may clone China’s success as an emerging market and make themselves a leadership role in her continent. In the long run, both PRC and Brazil may rely on one another to promote the BRICS countries to an advanced stage in harmony.

Macau SAR may serve as China’s Portuguese platform

Macau Special Administrative Region of China is rich in Portuguese culture and historical background. Both Brazil and Macau SAR were under Portuguese’s colonial governance. We trust Macau SAR would take a participating role in the Sino-Brazil trade in the near future. Macau SAR may export PRC-alike style of education so as to interested Brazilian may find themselves a role in the PRC market.


Company Name: Association Chinese of Brazil

Website: http://www.br-cn.com
Karen Luo

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