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Daniel Energy Partners Announces Executive Advisory Team

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Daniel Energy Partners (“DEP”) is pleased to announce and introduce its Executive Advisors, a team of ten accomplished energy executives with nearly 350 years combined professional experience in oilfield services and the upstream oil and gas business. The breadth and depth of our Executive Advisors’ expertise allow us to offer world-class energy consulting services, across the full range of the sector, to our clients. Members of the team include former and current chief executive, chief financial, chief legal, chief operating, and chief procurement officers, as well as senior executives in drilling, completion, operations, procurement, production, risk management, and well servicing.

Our advisors have also had front-line, first-hand experience with corporate restructurings, distressed finance, industry trade groups, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, product development, shareholder activism, and supply chain transformation. This broad array of experience is valuable for companies needing operational or strategic advice whether in the context of a corporate restructuring or industry consolidation as well as to those who are simply looking to streamline their respective operations in order to operate in the current challenged market.

John Daniel, President and Founder of Daniel Energy Partners, stated, “I am thrilled to have these seasoned executives, who collectively possess a vast and impressive array of industry experience, join DEP. Their battle-won wisdom and knowledge will be a great resource not only for our best-in-class market intelligence and research product, but also to the current and future clients of our energy consulting practice.”

Mr. Daniel continued, “It goes without saying that these are among the most challenging times ever for our great industry. But I am confident that, with the broad and deep expertise and the extensive experience our Executive Advisors possess, our firm is perfectly positioned to lend a hand, give advice and counsel, or serve as boots on the ground, as the industry seeks to execute the consolidations, cost rationalizations, risk management optimizations, and capital structure improvements it needs so much. I know we are eagerly looking towards a brighter tomorrow for the business, and the Executive Advisors and I are very excited to help us get there.”

The Executive Advisors




Recent Position

Don Gawick


Chief Executive Officer – C&J Energy Services

Joe Freeman


Vice President, Well Servicing – Pioneer Energy Services

Mark Hood


Supply Chain Director – Apache Corporation

Larry Kerr


Vice President and General Manager – Gardner Denver, Inc.

Chris Menefee


Senior Vice President, Business Development – Independence Contract Drilling

Royce Mitchell


Industry Advisor, Board Member – Pioneer Natural Resources

Brian Smith


Supply Chain Director – Repsol SA

Garrett Smith


Vice President and General Counsel – Ultra Petroleum Corp.

Bill Stanger


President – Performance Technologies, LLC

Denzil West


Chief Executive Officer – Admiral Permian Resources

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