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E.SUN Held ESG Initiative for the Third Time and Committed to Presenting “A Better Taiwan to the World”

TAIPEI,Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–E.SUN Bank’s "E.SUN ESG Initiative Event" was convened for the third consecutive year in Taipei, Taiwan. President Tsai Ing-wen, Secretary-General Lin Chia-lung, Deputy Minister Yeh Chun-hung of the Ministry of the Environment, and Vice Chairman Chiu Shu-chen of the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) attended to support. More than one hundred excellent companies enrolled the initiative to advocate for the implementation of net-zero target.

The "E.SUN Sustainability Initiative Event" was launched in 2021 with 32 participating corporations, in 2022, the initiative garnered significant response, with a total of 101 influential companies accounted for an impressive NT$5.08 trillion in total revenue, they represented over 23% of Taiwan's GDP in 2021. This year, the number of participating companies has increased to 157, including top performers in global market share, key component suppliers, and Taiwanese enterprises running in the USA, Australia, and ASEAN countries. Experienced consulting firms specializing in sustainability and net-zero also joined the initiative. They are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through concrete energy-saving and carbon reduction actions to mitigate environmental impact.

President Tsai Ing-wen wrote down her blessing message “A better Taiwan to the World”, demonstrating her determination to accelerate the transition to net-zero. She appreciated that more companies are joining the ESG advocacy, and she expresses strong confidence in Taiwan's bright future. President Tsai noted that the more companies start taking actions, the closer we can reach the target. President Tsai expects more companies to take action and to engage stakeholders in zero-carbon transformation, turning challenges into new opportunities, enabling Taiwan's industries with strong competitiveness to face the global trend of sustainable development and the requirements of green supply chains.

E.SUN specially invited Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group, and Sam Kimmins, Chairman of RE100, to share their expectations and encouragement for Taiwan's sustainable development through video.

Chairman of E.SUN Joseph Huang emphasized that sustainability and climate action have become a new global language. Through the collective strength of the financial sector, E.SUN aims to amplify its positive influence and expand global perspective alongside its advocacy partners, and strengthening Taiwan's sustainable competitiveness!


Public Relations, E.SUN FHC

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