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Fieldstone Consolidates Global Structure

JOHANNESBURG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fieldstone, a leading independent investment bank and financial services
provider in the energy and infrastructure sector, has brought together
its services and offerings under unified ownership and management on a
global basis.

Jason Harlan, Fieldstone’s CEO, commented, “We have been working on this
consolidation project for some time, and it is pleasing that we have now
reached the point where we have taken full control of Fieldstone. This
has resulted in the small New York team and its Malaysian
subsidiary, being required to change the name and license of their
operations, with immediate effect.”

With this transition, Fieldstone will be able to even better provide a
truly seamless global offering, which it has been doing successfully for
nearly 28 years. As part of this process, Fieldstone launched a
permanent Washington DC office and subsidiary (Fieldstone Development
Corporation or Fieldstone DC) earlier this year to serve both North
American clients and to assist multi-lateral and US development finance
institutions located in that city. The office is led by Ambassador Chris
Dell, former Ambassador in several African and European countries and
Barney Rush, a long-time banker and senior figure in the energy market.

Asian clients are a key part of Fieldstone’s practice, for projects and
transactions in developing markets and in Europe. This part of the
business will be directly addressed from January next year when Kan Xi,
who previously worked with Infraco and Climate Change Capital in London
joins the team. She will relocate to Asia to represent Fieldstone on the
ground and monitor the needs of existing and prospective clients as well
as assess future expansion plans into that market.

Harlan concluded, “The Fieldstone family in Nairobi, Casablanca, Dakar,
Berlin, London, Johannesburg, Washington DC, Miami, Lima, and Buenos
Aires, are all very excited about being in a position that will enable
us to accelerate the integrated international model for the business to
better serve our clients around the globe. The rapid transitions
occurring in the energy industry and the need for international best
practices in infrastructure finance can only be properly addressed by
such an approach.”


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