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Houston-Based Company Ready to Respond to Category 4 Hurricane Florence

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sun Coast Resources, Inc. (Sun Coast):

What: Houston-based Company, Sun Coast Resources, Inc. (Sun
Coast), is assisting with the nation’s emergency response in preparation
for Hurricane Florence, which is expected to make landfall this week.

Why: Sun Coast is one of the nation’s largest emergency fuel
providers, specializing in fueling generators when access to the power
grid is interrupted, plus emergency fueling of customer vehicles, motor
craft and other equipment during periods of peril. Sun Coast provides
fuel supply services and equipment to governmental agencies, utilities,
communication companies, delivery services and other fleet operators
during emergencies, like Hurricane Florence.

Sun Coast has assisted affected communities during more than 40 named
storms since 2004, most recently during hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and
Irma (including a 300-day mission in Puerto Rico).

Officials along the East Coast are urging businesses and residents to
prepare now before this “catastrophic” storm hits. Sun Coast is devoted
to helping supply emergency fuel during power outages, supply
interruptions and fuel access restrictions. The Company can deliver
wherever and whenever fuel is needed, thanks to its expansive fleet of
unique, emergency fueling vehicles, supported by hundreds of Sun Coast’s
experienced, hazmat-certified employee drivers.

Who: Steve Boyd, Sr. Managing Director at Sun Coast
Resources, Inc. is available for interviews to comment on:

  • General hurricane preparedness in terms of critical fuel needs
    (providing fuel to temporary fueling locations, emergency fleets,
    generators, etc.)
  • Hurricane response, including past experiences during hurricanes such
    as Harvey, Maria and Irma

About Sun Coast Resources, Inc.

Founded in 1985 by Kathy Lehne, Sun Coast Resources, Inc. is one of the
largest wholesale petroleum marketers in the nation, and one of the
largest woman-owned businesses in Texas. Sun Coast is licensed in 39
states with 18 offices located in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. The
Company currently has more than 1,500 employees. Sun Coast’s product
line includes a wide array of petroleum products including gasoline,
ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, marine diesel, jet fuel, avgas, kerosene,
DEF and a full line of Chevron lubricants, plus many other name brand
lubrication products. Sun Coast purchases fuel directly from major
refiners, with delivery to customers via its modern, proprietary fleet
of trucks in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.


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