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HWCG Selects Integrity Management & Response (IMR) as a Core Contractor

IMR to provide HWCG’s Operating Members with deepwater source control responders to staff the Incident Management Team (IMT) with well integrity and subsea expertise

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HWCG, a deepwater oil and gas emergency response consortium for the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, today announces it has executed a definitive agreement with Integrity Management & Response (IMR) that will provide its members with access to additional qualified and experienced deepwater source control responders as well as an integrated Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located at IMR’s facility in Houston, Texas.

The EOC is available to HWCG’s Operating Members 24-hrs per day and 7-days per week upon notice for any deepwater source control incident or exercise. Approximately half of IMR’s qualified responders are available within 1-hr for the Operating Member’s response. The remaining IMR responders are accessible within 24-hrs of the initial notice.

Craig T. Castille, Managing Director for HWCG, said: “HWCG is committed to providing a rapid response solution for well containment which minimizes any associated environmental and economic impacts to the Gulf of Mexico and its stake holders. This agreement enhances our Members response capability by providing access to a consistent team of qualified and experienced deepwater source control responders who are knowledgeable in well integrity, subsurface and subsea aspects of a response. The IMR responders together with the Responsible Party’s response staff and other Core Contractor responders are considered primary responders, however, HWCG will continue to rely on its Mutual Aid staff (qualified responders from Members who can be seconded to the Responsible Party) for additional support if needed during an incident. This is a major step in providing standardization and consistency to the source control response and will help sustain knowledge and foster continuous improvement into the future.”

Amir Paknejad, PhD, PE, Director for IMR, added: “Integrity Management & Response (IMR) is formed from the strategic partnership between J. Connor Consulting, Inc (JCC) and Deep Sea Development Services, Inc. (DSDS). IMR is uniquely positioned as the only company providing a combination of source control expertise as well as a 24/7 dedicated state-of-the-art source control Emergency Operations Center. This agreement with HWCG means IMR’s team of qualified responders, operating out of the IMR EOC, will support HWCG member companies with their planned exercises, Government Initiated Unannounced Exercises (GIUE) having a deepwater source control component and during an actual deepwater source control incident in the US Gulf of Mexico. IMR will use their existing and well-established response knowledge, SMEs, tools, and protocols coupled with HWCG’s information systems and response model which provides access to critical Source Control and Containment Equipment (SCCE) sanctioned by the membership.”

About IMR:

Providing a Complete Source Control Solution: IMR (Integrity Management and Response) is a collaborative response by two recognized industry leaders in their fields (J. Connor Consulting, Inc. [JCC] and Deep Sea Development Services Inc. [DSDS]) to provide their clients with access to an independent and experienced solution to their emerging needs for a Source Control Solution covering leak prevention, leak detection, and, when necessary, an accelerated response for leak containment.

Whether your needs are onshore, offshore, deepwater, or the shelf, IMR can ensure you are planning for prevention while being prepared to respond.

About HWCG:

In response to the Macondo oil spill and recognizing the need to be better prepared for a deepwater well control incident, HWCG LLC formed with the commitment to provide its Members with rapid access to robust and reliable subsea containment response resources for their U.S. Gulf of Mexico operations. HWCG is a not-for-profit consortium of deepwater oil and gas companies that maintains a comprehensive deepwater well containment response model that can be activated immediately in the event of a U.S. Gulf of Mexico subsea blowout. HWCG’s membership is currently comprised of 14 oil and gas companies who have access to the consortium’s well containment resources including its Mutual Aid to quickly and comprehensively mitigate the impacts associated with a subsea blowout.


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