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Illinois American Water Investing Approximately $430,000 in Ransom Drinking Water System

Water Tank Facelift and Water Treatment Upgrade Underway

RANSOM, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Illinois American Water is rehabilitating the 75,000 gallon elevated
water storage tank in the Village of Ransom. The company is also making
upgrades to the water treatment facility. The investment of
approximately $430,000 will help extend the life of the storage tank and
ensure safe drinking water for today and in the future.

Work kicked off in March on the elevated tank which was originally
constructed in 1990. The tank was taken out of service to complete the
necessary work, which includes inspection and maintenance as well as
painting to the interior and exterior. Tank painting is currently being
completed under a canvas shroud to ensure debris and paint does not
escape. The old paint was sandblasted off and a primer coat will be
applied to prevent rusting. Crews will then paint an intermediate coat
before applying a third and final coat.

According to Kent Woodburn, operations supervisor, this investment will
enhance reliability and longevity of the tank. Illinois American Water
is also working with the Village of Ransom to ensure the Village logo is
on the tank. ÔÇ£Water tanks not only serve a vital role in our water
distribution systems, but they serve as landmarks for communities. We
are excited to give this tank a facelift,ÔÇØ said Woodburn.

Water service will not be significantly affected by the tank
improvements. At the most, customers may notice a slight variation in
water pressure as a result of the tank being out of service. The quality
of the water flowing to customersÔÇÖ homes and businesses will not be
affected and will continue to meet all federal and state water quality
regulations. Once the work is completed, the tank will be inspected and
placed back in service.

In addition to the elevated water tank upgrades, Illinois American Water
plans to upgrade the water treatment plant and install new chemical feed
equipment. This work is expected to begin at the end of May. According
to Steve Wegman, senior engineer, the new chemical feed equipment will
ensure stable disinfection and decrease the need for flushing throughout
the distribution system. The entire project is expected to be completed
in October.

About Illinois American Water – Illinois American Water, a
subsidiary of American Water (NYSE: AWK), is the largest investor-owned
water utility in the state, providing high-quality and reliable water
and/or wastewater services to approximately 1.3 million people. American
Water also operates a customer service center in Alton and a quality
control and research laboratory in Belleville. With a history dating
back to 1886, American Water is the largest and most geographically
diverse U.S. publicly traded water and wastewater utility company. The
company employs more than 6,900 dedicated professionals who provide
regulated and market-based drinking water, wastewater and other related
services to an estimated 15 million people in 46 states and Ontario,
Canada. American Water provides safe, clean, affordable and reliable
water services to our customers to make sure we keep their lives
flowing. For more information, visit amwater.com
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