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LSPI Commissions New Plant, Adds Significant Capacity

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LiquidPower Specialty Products Inc. (LSPI), a Berkshire Hathaway
company, is pleased to announce the commissioning of a new drag reducing
agent (DRA) manufacturing plant. This second facility, located within
LSPI’s manufacturing complex in Bryan, Texas, doubles LSPI’s capacity
and ensures that LSPI continues to meet growing global demand and
maintain its global leadership position.

“With this significant expansion, LSPI is well-positioned to continue
its strong history of growth, supply reliability and quality
manufacturing. We are fortunate to have long-term commercial
relationships with industry leaders and we are confident that our
expanded capabilities will allow us to continue to meet the needs of our
customers and remain the global leader in the DRA market,” said Mike
Brown, CEO and President of LSPI.

LSPI’s two independent manufacturing facilities on the same complex
offer production-supply reliability through redundancy and significant
economies of scale. Each facility will maintain its own day-to-day
operational staff, producing DRA from raw material to finished product.
While quality control labs are located within each manufacturing plant,
the same quality management team will oversee both facilities to ensure
consistently high quality. Both manufacturing plants will also be
managed under LSPI’s rigorous HSE programs. The new facility will be
supported by our existing robust global supply chain network, providing
supply flexibility and agility for delivery for our customers around the

LSPI specializes in maximizing the flow potential of hydrocarbon
pipelines by increasing operational flexibility and throughput capacity
while substantially increasing bottom-line profit for its customers.
LSPI’s technology, developed in the 1970s, uses DRA to lower frictional
energy loss by reducing turbulence in the pipeline. This technology
allows pipeline operators to increase throughput and reduce energy costs
while limiting capital investment.

Since inception, LSPI has continued to develop innovative solutions,
working with customers in over 40 countries on 6 continents, and
treating tens of millions of barrels of hydrocarbon liquids per day.
LSPI has the most extensive DRA patent portfolio in the world with 57
granted US patents, numerous patents pending, as well as a significant
international patent portfolio. LSPI’s portfolio of application-specific
flow improvers offers reliable DRA performance and maximum profitability.

LSPI’s DRA offering is part of a comprehensive, full-service solution
that encompasses industry-leading technology, quality manufacturing,
experienced technical support and consulting, reliable supply chain, and
injection equipment and field service. The new facility is one of many
efforts undertaken by LSPI to ensure that our customers continue to
receive best-in-class DRA service.


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