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Milacron Expands Co-injection Product Suite with Kortec® Connect Alongside its Successful Kortec® Complete Systems; Driving Consumables Offerings

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Milacron Holdings Corp. (NYSE: MCRN), a leading industrial technology
company serving the plastics processing industry announced that it has
expanded its co-injection offering. The standard Milacron Co-injection
System offered today under the Kortec® Complete product name
utilizes the industry’s most advanced co-injection technology, and
consists of a co-injection injection molding machine, a Kortec® hot
runner and on-demand co-injection engineering support for advanced
integration and run off services guaranteeing successful application and
part design. Milacron offers turnkey systems under the Kortec®
Complete product name. By working alongside our customers and
internally developing a solution for customers with existing injection
molding machines, Milacron is pleased to announce Kortec® Connect,
the next product in our proprietary co-injection product suite.
Kortec® Connect incorporates a molders existing injection molding
machine using Mold-Masters innovative and proven E-Multi secondary
injection unit in combination with a Kortec® co-injection hot runner.
Milacron has over 30 years of co-injection experience and over 100
systems in the field, 7,000 drops across a variety of market landscapes
producing 12 billion parts in 18 countries. No other co-injection
technology offering has the same experience.

Steve Morris, President Milacron Systems explained, “We have perfected
the plastic industry’s first and only co-injection retrofit offering;
the Kortec® Connect System from Milacron.” Morris added, “We’ve
combined the 30 plus years of experience from our Kortec® co-injection
melt delivery technology and utilized the highly successful Mold-Masters
E-Multi secondary injection unit to offer customers a cost-effective
entry into the high growth co-injection molding market. Kortec®
Connect can be used on any qualified brand of injection molding
machine, it’s totally machine agnostic, provided it has the required
performance specifics to mold the parts. The Kortec® Connect
offering has been used successfully in molding coffee cups, caps,
closures, personal care items, thinwall and medical parts and it can
also be added to a PET monolayer system introducing the ability to mold
barrier performs at a fraction of the cost while avoiding an investment
in a dedicated PET co-injection press.”

Kortec® Connect allows customers an opportunity to invest in
co-injection at a lower capital cost and provides the added flexibility
to move co-injection technology throughout their facility, eliminating
the need for a dedicated co-injection work cell. Kortec® Connect
earns its name because it’s a truly “plug and play” conversion. All of
the software algorithms and setup is contained in the Kortec® Connect
controller. A molder simply needs to mount the E-Multi unit in their
press, add some simple communications with the machine and start molding.

Oliver Lindenberg Mold-Masters President, Americas added, “We have been
connecting with numerous customers that have full fleets of standard
injection molding machines, typically running monolayer applications.
With market technology changes and plastic parts evolving, many of these
same customers have expressed interest in entering the co-injection
field and want to utilize their existing assets within their fleet. The Kortec®
Connect System provides them with the exact flexibility they need
at a manageable cost.”

New Kortec® Connect Solution

The Kortec® Connect system offers customers the same patented,
proprietary Kortec® co-injection hot runner designs and combines it with
Mold-Masters proprietary E-Multi secondary injection unit, allowing
molders a cost-effective entry into co-injection molding. Milacron’s
highly specialized co-injection engineers work hand in hand with
customers to customize the Kortec® Connect solution for their specific
application. Our dedicated team of engineers collaborates with customers
on their existing equipment via comprehensive system audits to optimize
machine functionality. Once completed, our team of engineers personally
ensures that the system is up and running with their new co-injection

Kortec® Complete Solution

Milacron will continue to offer the complete turnkey solutions under the Kortec®
Complete brand for customers looking to purchase the industry’s best
complete co-injection system and generate the highest possible overall
performance and output. Kortec® Complete offers customers the
simplicity of a complete co-injection cell with a customized premium
F-Series injection molding machine with 2 shot capabilities built right
into the machine and the Kortec® hot runner melt delivery technology.
With more complete co-injection systems in the field than all other
competitors combined, Milacron is able to provide the industries’ best
engineering, system and service support.

Milacron Co-injection Support and Service

As the industry leader in co-injection technology with over 30 years
experience, Milacron knows what it takes to keep a co-injection system
running at peak performance. Milacron offers a comprehensive service,
support and dedicated spare parts program for all nozzle applications
and key co-injection components ensuring prompt response and fulfillment
when required. World-class post-sales service and support is a
cornerstone of Milacron.

About Milacron Co-injection Technology

Milacron Co-injection Molding multi-layer technology now branded as Kortec®
Connect and Kortec® Complete is designed to meet the plastic
industry’s need for barrier technology that can be delivered with the
same high-volume production efficiency and cycle time as a monolayer
part. Milacron Co-injection molding addresses key needs in the industry,
including the economical use of barrier materials, customizable barrier
properties, precise barrier placement and uniform distribution. Kortec®
technology offers flexibility of barrier placement and distribution and
the ability to mold features into a barrier part design that other
processes such as thermoforming cannot.

Milacron Co-injection molding uses a proprietary, simultaneous
co-injection process with every system. This process allows the cavity
to be filled in exactly the same amount of time as a monolayer injection
molded part. The “heart” of each system is the Co-injection melt
delivery system featuring Kortec® technology. The melt delivery system
has separate streams (flow channels) for skin (the inner and outer
layers) and core (the middle barrier layer) materials.

Milacron Co-injection molding’s patented, proprietary co-injection
nozzle designs allow two different resins to be combined in a single
3-layer melt stream. Two flow streams are joined at each patented
co-injection nozzle resulting in a single, combined 3-layer flow stream
through each gate, into the mold cavities. The result is total control
and the ability for customization of the barrier layer placement and

Milacron is the world’s largest supplier of co-injection systems to the
plastics and packaging industries. Milacron’s multi-layer packaging
technology is backed by over 30 years of experience and has dedicated
engineering, service and project management teams to deliver and
continually advance the technology. Existing Milacron Kortec®
Co-injection systems have been successfully used on a number of products
such as single-serve coffee pods/capsules, thinwall packaging, PET
performs, medical vials and bottles and of course our very own Milacron
Klear Can.

Milacron continues to push the boundaries of possibilities in plastics
with breakthrough products from leading brands including Milacron®,
Mold-Masters®, DME®, Ferromatik®, Uniloy®, and CIMCOOL®. All Milacron
product brands offer industry-leading service, support, and spare parts
inventory – trust only Milacron trained experts to ensure your assets
run at peak performance.

Link to high-resolution photography: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s7itrqz48t2ypc7/AAD9u1nkhC0imEIOi-et6z8Da?dl=0

About Milacron

Milacron is a global leader in the manufacture, distribution, and
service of highly engineered and customized systems within the plastic
technology and processing industry. Milacron is the only global company
with a full-line product portfolio that includes hot runner systems,
injection molding, blow molding and extrusion equipment, mold
components, industrial supplies plus a wide market range of advanced
fluid technologies. Visit Milacron at www.milacron.com.


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