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NSI Industries Announces the Launch of RHINO Safety™

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NSI Industries, LLC, today announced the launch of RHINO Safety, a full line of Personal Protective Equipment that offers protection on the job site and beyond.

This one stop PPE solution is a comprehensive offering and includes a line of Safety Solutions merchandising displays with a full range of configurations to meet the need of a distributor.

All of our RHINO Safety products are engineered and manufactured to provide a high-quality solution to protection on the job site and a clear alternative to PPE offered by current market leaders. “NSI is making a serious commitment to the Safety category with the introduction of RHINO Safety,” said David DiDonato, chief operating officer, NSI Industries. “PPE is becoming increasingly important in the electrical construction trades. Our distributor partners are looking to establish themselves as the primary source for these products. RHINO Safety is designed to offer the distributor and contractor the highest quality and best value PPE line in the electrical markets.”

The RHINO Safety line includes the following types of PPE products: hearing protection (ear plugs and earmuffs), eye protection (safety glasses), safety gloves, safety vests, and safety helmets. With the development of unified branding and packaging across the portfolio, the line is poised to make a bold statement in the market.

For additional information about electrical product solutions by NSI Industries, please visit www.nsiindustries.com.

About NSI Industries

NSI Industries is a leading provider of electrical product solutions. Our products span over 25 categories, fulfilling the needs of electrical distributors and contractors for over 45 years.

With service top-of-mind and innovation at its core, NSI Industries has many well-respected brands including Bridgeport Fittings®, Platinum Tools®, Polaris®, TORK®, WarriorWrap® Professional Tape, Terminator™ Premium Wire Connectors, BlueLine™ Wire Connectors and now RHINO Safety™. Grounded in the principles of service and value, NSI Industries is focused on providing innovative, high-quality, comprehensive product solutions and above all, forging lasting partnerships that lead to success. For more information about NSI Industries and its family of brands, visit www.nsiindustries.com.


David DiDonato

Chief Operating Officer

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