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Powerley and DTE Energy Launch Industry-First Advanced Rate Management Solution

Powerley is helping energy customers maximize energy savings and cut carbon footprints with greater understanding and control of advanced rates

ROYAL OAK, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Powerley, the leader in home energy management, has announced a new solution that empowers energy customers with greater awareness and control of advanced rates, such as those that vary by time or season. The solution is a global-first – combining customer-specific energy pricing, direct from the energy company, with household energy data to provide just-in-time rate advice. With a greater understanding of how different rates affect bills along with personalized coaching, customers can make the right energy decisions to maximize savings. By making complex rates easy to understand and manage, energy companies benefit from higher enrollment and deeper engagement – shifting peak demand and driving decarbonization while also increasing customer satisfaction.

Rate Advice, the Moment it Matters

Powerley’s new rate engine can provide detail on advanced, time-variant rates – such as time-of-use, demand and real-time pricing. In addition, the solution integrates the full spectrum of traditional rate types offered by utilities – including simple flat/fixed, seasonal, and tiered pricing. Using existing Meter Data Management (MDM) system data, integration can be completed in less than two months. The app is released with the energy company’s branding and is downloadable via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Combining rate schedules, behavioral intelligence, customer preferences and energy usage data, the app coaches customers and helps them optimize savings through a host of in-app features, including:

  • Rate Visualizations – Seeing energy usage within the context of the applicable rate at the moment it was used, with interactive breakdowns by minute, hour, day, week, month, and bill cycle.
  • Real-Time Rate Advice – Connecting to the home’s smart meter, the Powerley Energy Bridge enables a real-time rate management experience, providing insight in the moment to make the right energy decisions.
  • Budget Management – Managing an energy budget based on actual energy pricing and getting alerts when costs are trending over budget.
  • Usage Breakdowns – Seeing exactly where energy costs are going – before a bill arrives – by attributing costs to specific rate periods.
  • Personalized Rate Coaching – Getting personalized advice – based on usage and rate schedules – to lower costs by shifting or curtailing usage.
  • Rate Notifications – Staying informed of upcoming changes with push notifications and in-app alerts.

DTE Insight Adds Time-of-Use Rate Management

This month, DTE Energy launched a new Time-of-Use (TOU) pilot using Powerley’s technology to drive enrollment, educating participants about energy efficiency to help customers optimize their usage and save money on their bills. Following the pilot, this new TOU experience will be available to DTE customers through the DTE Insight app – adding to the existing set of energy management features that has helped more than 250,000 DTE customers save energy and reduce carbon footprints. Through the new TOU features, pilot participants will be able to see energy usage and costs relative to TOU rates; track and manage energy budgets; receive alerts when higher bills are expected; and access appliance-level usage breakdowns with rate information.

“We are proud to offer a personalized and predictive mobile experience to help our customers get the most out of time-of-use rates,” said Angie Pizzuti, vice president of customer experience, DTE Energy. “Together with Powerley, we have created an innovative and engaging energy management experience to shift energy and help households save more.”

To learn more about Powerley’s advanced rate solutions, visit powerley.com.

About Powerley

Powerley is the global leader in home energy management. We help households lower their energy costs and cut their carbon footprints as we continue our transition to a clean energy future. We do this by giving utility customers the power to see where they are wasting energy and control it from their smartphones, the web or even by using their voice. This experience is all possible because we partner with utilities – giving their customers instant access to the data and insights they need to make the right energy decisions to reduce their bills and make the world greener. To learn more about Powerley, visit powerley.com.



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