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Quantum New Energy Launches Second Service in the EnerWisely Platform: Energy MatchMaker Finds Personalized Electricity Plans to Maximize Savings

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#EnerWisely–Quantum New Energy announces the launch of Energy MatchMaker™, the second service in the EnerWisely Platform. When it comes to energy, most consumers imagine their monthly bills, sometimes hard to understand. With the EnerWisely™ Platform, everyday energy consumers in Texas can utilize Energy MatchMaker™ to find the optimal plan, maximize their savings, and meet their energy goals by analyzing their unique energy data.

“The financial impact of COVID-19 is huge. Now more than ever, people need ways to save money, gain control and become resilient to unpredictable times,” said Patricia Vega, CEO of Quantum New Energy. “Texas households can use EnerWisely’s Energy MatchMaker free of charge to identify factors increasing their energy bills and find an electricity plan that fits their unique usage patterns to reduce costs and cut emissions.”

The EnerWisely Platform utilizes the consumer’s real energy data to generate their Energy FingerPrint™. It starts by analyzing their usage patterns and finding the hidden factors making their bills high, including energy leaks. Next, Energy MatchMaker™ calculates an unbiased matching score that reflects the compatibility between each electricity plan and the users' Energy FingerPrint™. The users can then see how their current plan compares side-by-side in terms of costs and environmental impact with other electricity plans available. Armed with this personalized data, consumers can make smart energy choices to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Beyond the power to choose a cost-effective electricity plan, Energy MatchMaker continues supporting customers to make informed, smart energy choices about their consumption moving forward. For example, users receive periodic progress reports highlighting dollars, energy, and CO2 emissions that impact climate change, monitoring energy leaks, and alerting about plan renewals. The combination of these tools puts the consumer in control of their costs and their energy future.

Quantum New Energy is committed to helping people and the planet. During this COVID-19 pandemic, senior citizens are one of the most vulnerable populations. The company supports the Meals on Wheels program to help seniors and will donate $10 for each user that orders an electricity plan through Energy MatchMaker and starts their new electricity service.

For more information on EnerWisely’s free service Energy MatchMaker, visit https://enerwisely.com/energy-matchmaker/. Start saving more money on electrical plans.

About Quantum New Energy: Quantum New Energy is a Houston-based technology company founded by energy industry veterans. We are on a mission to empower everyone with personalized energy intelligence to make Smart Energy Choices that save energy, reduce costs, and cut carbon emissions. Texas households in deregulated electricity areas can match their personalized plans with Energy MatchMaker for free by visiting www.EnerWisely.com. To learn more about the company, visit www.QuantumNewEnergy.com.


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