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Take Back Your Power with Westhaven Power A.L.I.

Westhaven Inc. Launches a New Energy Solution for Homes to be Utility Free

YUBA CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Not so long ago, electricity was so reliable that it was taken for granted. Overnight, nearly 2.7 million people were impacted by mandatory power shutdowns, displaced by wildfires and in dire need of an alternative solution. Meet Westhaven Power A.L.I., an ultra-reliable energy system, designed to provide continuous power and outstanding service right to your doorstep. From start to finish, the leading home energy provider, Westhaven Inc. today announced that the solution to the failing grid is now available in Northern California, all without any subcontracted work.

“The multi-trillion-dollar grid will not be fixed anytime soon. With the smell and taste of soot still in the air from the Paradise Camp Fire, we are certain that self-owned solar panels, batteries and generators intelligently integrated can solve the power problem of America's failing grid and neglected infrastructure,” said Brett Joerger, CEO of Westhaven Inc. “We believe these shutdowns will grow in frequency and duration and continue to be an imminent threat to communities. Tilting the scales in the last six months, we have taken out the uncertainty of tomorrow by powering your future through Westhaven Power A.L.I., a more intelligent energy solution.”

With our unparalleled predictive maintenance and monitoring service, Westhaven Power A.L.I. provides reliable power and a proactive advantage against grid failure. Offering 100 percent financing options, with same day approval to qualified customers, let us help you become utility free and reach Absolutus Libertas Imperium (A.L.I), which is complete freedom and power.

To better serve surrounding areas, Westhaven expands into Humboldt County and later to the rest of Northern California in 2020. Call our energy pros today and learn how Westhaven Power A.L.I. can help you achieve your energy needs at (888) 575-4112, or visit westhavensolar.com.

About Westhaven Inc.

Westhaven Inc. is an award winning, complete energy solution provider, helping homes and businesses achieve energy independence. Licensed experts in Residential, Commercial & Agricultural Solar Panel Installation, Power Battery Storage, Roofing, Heating & Air-Conditioning, and Generators, Westhaven operates in over 127 counties in Northern California.


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