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The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Announces Its 14th Annual International Asbestos Awareness and Prevention Conference

The 2018 Conference Continues the Trend as the Only Conference
Dedicated Solely to Preventing Asbestos Exposure and Ending
Asbestos-Caused Diseases

Disease Awareness Organization
(ADAO), which serves as a global
leader in ending asbestos exposure through education, advocacy, and
community; today announced its 14th
Annual International Asbestos Awareness and Prevention Conference
“Where Knowledge and Action Unite,” April 13-15, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

This year’s academic conference features 30 doctors, scientists, experts
and victims from nine countries; and is the only annual asbestos
conference dedicated solely to preventing exposure and eliminating
asbestos-caused diseases. Attendees have a unique opportunity to connect
with the leaders and influencers in the asbestos prevention community,
as well as victims and family members sharing in the fight against
asbestos—turning anger into action.

The 2018 event includes a wide range of well-known speakers and
advocates, including keynote speakers and performers: Pat Morrison,
Assistant to the General President for Occupational Health, Safety and
Medicine, International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF); Chris
Graham, Editor & Publisher, New Matilda; Eric Jonckheere, President,
Asbestos Belgium Victims Association (ABEVA); and Jordan Zevon, musician
and ADAO National Spokesperson.

“We are getting closer to a global asbestos ban, building on the past 14
years of our work together,” stated ADAO President and Co-Founder, Linda
Reinstein. “This year’s annual conference reinforces the importance of
that work, and the transformative power of turning anger into action. We
are honored to welcome our esteemed panel of speakers and guests from
all over the world who have come together to share and unite for change.”

As attendees from last year’s conference expressed, this annual event is
a highly sought-after opportunity to share resources, intelligence, and
most importantly – hope.

Starting with a trip to the Newseum followed by a group dinner, the
weekend will also feature an awards gala on Saturday night, and a Unity
and Remembrance Brunch on Sunday. As an added bonus, the 2018 conference
will include an Art-Driven Advocacy theme, featuring performances from
well-known musicians, photographers, filmmakers, and more.

Registration is open and can be accessed here. http://bit.ly/2018ADAOAAPC

About the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is a global leader in
combining education, advocacy, and community initiatives to prevent and
end asbestos exposure. ADAO seeks to raise public awareness about the
dangers of asbestos, advocate for an asbestos ban, and protect asbestos
victims’ civil rights. For more information, visit www.asbestosdiseaseawareness.org. ADAO,
a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, does not make legal


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