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Workforce Dimensions Revolutionizes the Manager and Employee Experience at LondonEnergy

today announced that LondonEnergy, one of the largest
sustainable energy, recycling, and resource management providers in the
U.K., has transformed its workforce with the deployment of Workforce
. Powered by the intelligent Kronos
D5 platform
, the revolutionary workforce management solution gives
LondonEnergy unprecedented operational insight and provides an
unparalleled, personalized experience for employees.

News Facts

  • LondonEnergy, a longtime Kronos customer, has migrated its entire
    workforce – including full-time, contract, and seasonal employees – to
    the next-generation Workforce
    Dimensions suite
    , enabling the company to transform its manager
    and employee experience by:

    • Using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate repetitive
      requests: Previously, managers depended on a manual system to
      track and review time-off and scheduling requests, a
      time-consuming and laborious process. Workforce Advisor, the
      industry’s first digital personal assistant, unburdens managers
      from repetitive, daily administrative tasks by evaluating each
      request in real time, enabling managers to focus on higher-value
      activities while employees instantly know if their request has
      been approved.
    • Instant access to real-time data: With fewer administrative
      responsibilities, LondonEnergy managers now have more time to
      solve critical business issues with Workforce Dimensions embedded
      analytics, which provides up-to-the-minute insights leveraging
      more than 150 key performance indicators. For instance, in the
      past, managers did not have access to overtime data until weeks
      after hours had accrued. Now, with proactive compliance, they know
      well in advance if a worker is approaching the maximum number of
      hours they can legally work so managers can take action.
    • Smarter shift scheduling: Workforce Dimensions, with its
      ability to detect schedule patterns, gives managers a smarter,
      more comprehensive view of shift scheduling at LondonEnergy, while
      empowering employees by giving them greater control of their
      schedule preferences.

      • For example, collaborative self-scheduling lets workers select
        where, when, and how long they want to work. If a shift-swap
        is needed, Workforce Advisor identifies colleagues most likely
        to swap based on preferences, availability, and
        qualifications, then executes the swap automatically without
        manager involvement.
      • Managers overseeing multiple recycling centers will also have
        immediate insight into who is scheduled to work which shift
        and where and are presented with qualified staffing options if
        a worker calls out sick. The predictive capabilities of
        Workforce Dimensions dramatically reduce time spent trying to
        secure a replacement while ensuring that individuals are
        working proper shifts.
    • Personalized experience from any device for all: With
      Workforce Dimensions, employees can personalize their experience
      to showcase the information most important to them and work their
      way by punching in and out, viewing schedules, swapping shifts,
      and requesting time off from the convenience of their phone,
      tablet, or desktop – from any location – providing a consistent
      user experience on each device without feature loss.
  • The future-ready features of Workforce Dimensions closely align with
    LondonEnergy’s mission to become a next-generation sustainable energy
    company. The platform will help LondonEnergy run more efficiently in a
    more cost-effective manner, as it focuses on the next stage of
    recycling and energy generation.

Supporting Quotes

  • Mark Beattie, head of central services, LondonEnergy
    Dimensions has been transformational for LondonEnergy. Shifting to the
    cloud ensures our systems are always up to date and our data is
    secure. The fully responsive user interface gives employees control
    over how they want to work and personalizes the experience to include
    information that’s most important to them. Additionally, the ability
    to request schedule changes or time off from home and receive
    automatic responses empowers employees, while also ensuring our
    staffing requirements are met. Kronos has been a trusted partner for
    years, and the ability of Workforce Dimensions to automate routine,
    time-consuming tasks means we can focus on serving our communities by
    creating a cleaner, greener future.”
  • Bill Bartow, vice president, global product management, Kronos
    is a company that truly embraces innovation, and the desire to
    future-proof its workforce management system made them a natural fit
    for Workforce Dimensions. The company is already reaping the
    tremendous benefits from this revolutionary platform while keeping its
    eyes on future limitless growth. The excitement and demand for
    Workforce Dimensions is tremendous, and with the help of
    forward-looking organizations like LondonEnergy, Kronos is at the
    forefront of transforming the future of workforce management.”

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