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BYD and Shell to partner on EV charging infrastructure

BYD and Shell to partner on EV charging infrastructure
Photo courtesy of Shell

Chinese automaker BYD has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with UK-based energy major Shell plc for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, starting in China and Europe and later to be expanded globally.

On a global scale, Shell will study how to apply Shell E-Fluids and coolants and other technologies and products to help BYD further save costs and improve hardware performance.

“The automotive industry is undergoing significant centurial changes, and the development of new energy vehicles is an irresistible trend. Shell is the world’s leading energy company, with businesses worldwide making extraordinary contributions to meeting growing energy demands. BYD is willing to sincerely cooperate with Shell and seize the historic chance of new energy vehicles, providing consumers with high-quality service in charging facilities and new energy vehicles consumption and creating vital development opportunities,” said Wang Chuanfu, BYD founder, chairman and president.

BYD and Shell plan to jointly establish a joint venture to develop an EV charging network in China, starting with more than 10,000 EV charging terminals in Shenzhen, where BYD is headquartered,  expanding to other Chinese cities in the future.

Also, the two companies will establish a partnership of mobility service providers in Europe. Shell will provide membership services for BYD’s personal and business customers in the future, covering more than 275,000 charging terminals on its charging roaming network. The two companies will also jointly develop fleet solutions and exclusive charging services for BYD’s customers in Europe.

A BYD-Shell electric vehicle service center in major European markets is included in the plan, to provide customers with more opportunities to experience BYD’s high-end design, advanced new energy vehicle technology, and smooth charging and digital services.

Globally, the two companies said they will seek opportunities to provide customers with integrated home energy solutions such as dynamic electricity price scheduling, photovoltaic integration, home energy storage devices and vehicle-to-grid interaction (V2G) charging solutions.

Additionally, BYD and Shell intend to carry out global R&D cooperation in the field of battery performance and industry-leading charging.

In November 2021, Shell signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NIO, a leading company in the premium smart electric vehicle market in China, to further collaborate in the electric vehicle and energy industries globally. According to the agreement, NIO and Shell will jointly construct and operate battery charging and swapping facilities. NIO and Shell plan to install 100 battery swapping stations in China by 2025, and start to construct and operate pilot stations in Europe from 2022. Shell’s charging network in Europe will also become available to NIO users.